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* Wheelchair Phone
* Wheelchair Phone V2
* LCD TV Repair

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* Rover
* 3WBB


Greetings, I am Frank Magazu, I am currently a Student at USF and an enthusiast of all things Technology, Engineering, Science, Math, and DIY. I have self taught myself electronics, computer programming, and robotics. I attempt to use my knowledge to enhance my environment in my daily life. This website is mainly to show what I have done and to show how it works and how it can possibly impact others.

Current Projects

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Past Projects

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I have always been interested in science since 2nd grade. I always enjoyed figuring out the world and experimenting. It wasn't really until 7th grade that I became skilled. In 6th grade I started learning and teaching myself how to host a server for a MMO game that I enjoyed playing. It had a simple scripting language that I was able to pick up. It was also the first time I was introduced to C++ and SQL. I didn't know much about either of those at the time but really learned the scripting language. In 7th grade I discovered Game Maker. This may have been another scripting language but it was enough for me to create computer games and learn more about programming. At the same time in 7th grade I was just getting into learning electronics. I started out learning analog stuff, Op-amps, 555 timers. Simple things. Once I reached 9th grade I discovered Arduino and was ready to build robots. I already had a understanding for electronics so I just needed to learn the principals of digital electronics. Through trial and error and googleing questions I was able to learn how to build robots. Since 9th grade I have been creating robots and they have increasingly become more complex.

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If you have any questions about any projects or would like more information about any projects or if you are interested in buying a project, please email me at FMgames314@gmail.com

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