Global Robot Remote Controller

The first robots up until ANCHOR original had to be controlled with the arrow keys on the computer's keyboards or by a PS3 controller bluethooth-ed into the computer. This was very cumbersome and very unreliable. I decided to physically create a controller that could connect to any one of my robots instantly and even give feedback to the controller. This controller I built has a LCD screen on it that the robots can send sensor values or information to. It has 2 thumb sticks, a Full 9DOF IMU, temperature sensors. Indicator lights, Haptic feedback and much more. Robots can send acceleration data so that if a robot crashes or hits a bump the controller will rumble in response.

Below was the original device, I foudn it at goodwill, it was some strange device that was like skype for deaf people before skype existed. It made a great controller though!

Controller Controller Controller

I actually had to create a highly structured radio network protocol so that all of the robots could send signals to each other, to the controller, and to the computer without interfering.

Controller Controller

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