Robot 15

Robot15 was probably one of the greatest leaps forward. It had a small 12 volt lead acid battery for the motors instead of the 6 volts the AA's had. It also had the computer GUI as you can see in the video. It had 2 ultrasonic's sensors on servos and could take a radar sweep of everything with a accuracy of 1 degree. It also had the lid open up. This robot was very fun to drive as it also had a wireless camera. Because the camera was on the same frequency as the transmitter, driving distance was limited to less than 300 feet. This robot also had many more sensors that others such as a compass. Also the loud beeping was a virtual piano on the computer that transmited the tones to the robots speakers.

As you can see I was very fascinated with the camera in the robot.

Text and Images 2015 Frank Magazu.